UEscrow is a concept only. The service might go live at a later stage.

The first online escrow platform in the middle east.

Whether you’re buying or selling a real estate or a vehicle, UEscrow protects high value payments.

Know how to add safety to your valuable purchases with UEscrow online escrow account.

We Have Simplified the Escrow Process

Escrow account offers peace of mind as it is the safest and most convenient solution to buy and sell products or services through shared buyer and seller account where payment can be held until both parties are satisfied.

UEscrow has a smooth refund policy to easily reimburse the buyer if there are disputes taken place during the transaction period. ⁠

escrow account
escrow account Kuwait


We accept Knet which is the Kuwaiti local payment gateway to process local debit cards.
We also accept credit cards (Visa/Mastercard)

10.00kd per transaction

2.75% Per Transaction

Are you interested in opening an escrow account?

UPayments is well experienced and trusted online payment solution provider. We assure safe and smooth management of your complex trades. Contact us to know more about UEscrow service.
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